Corporate Responsibility in DIGILTEA SOLUCIONES SL, part of the HOZONO GLOBAL group, is based on providing value through an open and participatory attitude with customers, employees and suppliers. This also extends to associations, local community, public administration and other stakeholders. We understand that the incorporation of this dialogue in the business strategy is essential in order to improve competitiveness and the quality of our work.

We strive to build and develop collective and transparent solutions based on trust. Respect for the stakeholder’s views, expectations and concerns, is essential to us.

Sustainable development requires forward-looking measures that drive along progress for the benefit of all, using natural resources wisely and rationally, meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their own needs.

We must emphasise that the conservation of nature, a closeness to the earth, is our overriding concern. It is at our origins, forming an essential part of the Group’s DNA. HOZONO GLOBAL is fully committed to respecting and caring for the environment and is aware of the commitment it makes to its customers and to society in general. This leads us to work constantly to minimise the impact of the group’s activities on the environment.

From a social point of view, the people who make up the HOZONO GLOBAL Group are the main asset for its growth and development. These members are at the centre of its corporate principles. The satisfaction and involvement of this human team, its knowledge management, is at the heart of our strategic approach. The Group always welcomes creativity and the contribution of fresh approaches and different points of view from any of its members.

HOZONO is committed to training, equality, health and safety and respect for human rights, as a guide for its actions. The company trusts in the capabilities of its employees, in their diversity of talent and in their deep-rooted vocation to grow. We see professional relationships as a long-term alliance in which everyone benefits.

The Group has numerous arrangements with universities and public entities, to promote access to the world of work, aimed at people who are completing their studies, facilitating the transition from education to work. It also collaborates with third sector entities and public institutions, promoting the social and occupational integration of people who are at risk of social exclusion.

Employee training is a key element in the human resources strategy, as the preparation and performance of its professionals gives them a distinctive value as a Group. This has led to the creation of the training project called “HOZONO, Corporate University” through which postgraduate training is provided to employees in collaboration with universities. We also have initiatives and programmes adapted to each job position, highlighting the performance of some of the group’s companies as a training entity, and subsequent provision of certificates of professionalism to their workers.

We understand the firm commitment of the Group’s management to research and cutting-edge training. It is both a relevant competitiveness factor within the organisation’s policy and a defining element of our social focus as a Group. Promoting innovation is therefore also one of our CSR objectives.

For full information on our performance in CSR, please refer to both the sustainability report and the latest HOZONO Global Statement of Non-Financial Information.