Call Center

Call Center Services.

We dimension our centres to offer a rapid response, minimising waiting times and resolving issues in an agile and efficient manner. The quality of the interaction is fundamental in achieving the established objectives

We work for a consistent company image, to identify sales opportunities and to create memorable customer experiences.

  • Flexibility: adjusting to your needs by adapting the deadlines.

  • Communications with our clients: transparent, direct and on a regular basis.

  • Quality control with Workforce and Quality Monitoring utilities.

  • Multilingual and multichannel customer service.

  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Arrangement of commercial appointments.

  • Lead generation and management.

  • Online and offline response campaigns.

  • Analysis and definition of digital media and social media management models.

  • Conducting customer-satisfaction surveys.

  • Multi-channel solutions.

  • Advertising campaigns.

  • Video call, shared browsing.

  • Click to call, click to chat, click to view.

Familiarity with the product or service.
Familiarity with the product or service.
We seek a positive and personalised overall experience, so we embed the brand, its messages, features and key benefits.
Speed, flexibility and scalability.
Speed, flexibility and scalability.
We adapt processes and establish close collaboration with the client to implement changes quickly and smoothly.
First call resolution.
First call resolution.
We try to resolve problems in the first instance, which allows us to reduce the churn rate of our customers.
Improved experience.
Improved experience.
We generate empathy with the caller and make them feel that their needs are understood and met.
Data analysis.
Data analysis.
We analyse the metrics collectively and globally and send a final report through an updated, truthful, transparent and detailed communication.

Call Center.

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